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Quality Control
Standard:Certificate of Compliance
Issue Date:2019-09-28
Expiry Date:2023-01-27
Issue Date:2020-02-12
Expiry Date:2022-02-11
Standard:Mannufacture License of Special Equipment People's Republic of China
Issue Date:2017-07-13
Expiry Date:2021-07-12
Standard:Mannufacture License of Special Equipment People's Republic of China
Issue Date:2017-07-13
Expiry Date:2021-07-12
Standard:Utility model patent certificate
Issue Date:2011-06-01
Expiry Date:
Standard:Utility model patent certificate
Issue Date:2013-03-06
Expiry Date:
QC Profile

Valve Quality Control Plan

I . Quality assurance measures
(1) The goods provided guarantee that the goods are high-quality materials and advanced technology and are manufactured and inspected strictly in accordance with design specifications, technical requirements, and system function requirements, and fully meet the buyer's technical requirements.
(2) The valve design, manufacturing, inspection and testing are strictly implemented in accordance with GB, JB, ZB, HG, SH, YB, SD standards and in accordance with foreign advanced standards such as ISO, ANSI, API, JIS, BS and DIN; and According to the customer's special technical conditions, special products can be designed and manufactured according to the actual working conditions; the driving method can be manual, gear transmission, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, gas-hydraulic, etc.
(3) The physical and chemical indexes of the material of the pressure shell castings and forgings meet the requirements of the national standard GB or ASTM specifications.
(4) All products are provided with product instruction manuals and product qualification certificates when they leave the factory. And provide physical and chemical test reports and product quality certificates according to customer requirements.
(5) Valve cleanliness and measurement method are in accordance with the provisions of JB / T7748-1995.
(6) All packaging, coating, cleaning and anticorrosion will be in accordance with GB / T12252-1989 "General Valve Supply Requirements" and meet the buyer's requirements.
(7) 12 months from the date of final acceptance on site.


II . Quality control measures
Product design and development, production organization and process, and installation services are strictly controlled in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001: 2008 quality assurance system and API 6D product quality assurance system. Sanitary standards are strictly implemented in accordance with the ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system. The production safety system is implemented in accordance with OKSAS18001: 2007 occupational health and safety management system certification.


(1) Organization process
Sales department order confirmation / review → Production support department production instruction release → Technical department technical data (drawings, process documents) confirmation / delivery → Supply department raw material preparation → Processing workshop production preparation / processing → electrostatic epoxy resin powder coating, packaging → Shipping according to distances → On-site delivery.


(2) Production organization
The company is equipped with a relatively complete range of high-precision equipment such as CNC machine tools, horizontal boring machines, vertical lathes, milling machines, outer garden grinders, etc. The production capacity is 30,000 tons / year of various valves. The entire production process is organized and managed in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001: 2008. Ensure that the products can be delivered in a timely manner and meet the requirements of relevant international standards, national standards, ministry standards and customer requirements.


(3) Technical measures
The company's scientific research center and technology department have 50 technical personnel, including 3 senior engineers. Every year, new products that pass the provincial appraisal are developed and applied. The production department has 100 skilled workers and 2 welders with welder qualification certificates. These staff are responsible for product processing and assembly spraying. The quality inspection department has 15 quality inspection personnel who are assigned to various positions and are responsible for product inspection. There are 3 experimenters in the physical and chemical laboratory responsible for the physical and chemical analysis of the company's products. One of them has a non-destructive inspection qualification certificate. Order review of sales department (according to technical specifications) → customer confirmation → technical document output (drawings, processes, etc.) → on-site tracking and supervision.


(4) Quality inspection
The company's quality inspection department is responsible for the quality inspection and monitoring of the entire process from raw materials, processing, assembly, pressure testing, finished product inspection, and delivery. Key monitoring areas: raw materials, welding process, pressure test process.


Control process: raw material purchase inspection → processing process inspection → assembly pressure test inspection → final inspection → after-sale field service. Quality control target: 100% product qualification rate, superior product rate ≥95%.
IS09001 quality system certification, obtained the national import and export self-support right in 2018, passed the European Union CE certification in 2018, and obtained the national special equipment production license certification in 2010. After several years of audits, they are considered to be operating normally, and they are continuous, appropriate and effective.

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