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Stainless Steel PN4.0MPa Socket Weld Globe Valve For O2 N2

Stainless Steel PN4.0MPa Socket Weld Globe Valve For O2 N2

PN4.0MPa Socket Weld Globe Valve

O2 N2 Socket Weld Globe Valve

PN4.0MPa cryogenic shut off valve

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Product Details
Stainless Steel
Port Size:
Temperature Of Media:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pcs
Packaging Details
Inner package:plastic bag sealed package Outer package:carton package or wooden case package Or according to customers' demands
Delivery Time
5-8 work days
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Supply Ability
3000pcs per month
Product Description

Cryogenic Globe Valve With Socket Weld Ends Temperature -80℃


Product Description Of Cryogenic Globe Valve

Cryogenic valves are very similar to conventional valves, with the exception of materials and features such as an extended stem. These extended stems allow handles or actuators to be at an ambient temperature.

Cryogenic valves normally refer to valves with working temperature below -110°C, widely used in industrial gas, LNG, LPG and other low temperature applications and regulating or controlling the flow of cryogenic gases, slurries or liquids at low temperatures. These valves come in different shapes and sizes so that they can handle different pressures required by various applications. Some of the common types of cryogenic valves are butterfly valves, relief valves, ball valves and globe valves. The user can manually operate or automate cryogenic valves to handle large systems.



Name: Cryogenic Globe Valve

Main technical parameters:

Nominal diameter: DN10-250mm

Nominal Pressure: PN4.0MPa

Applicable medium: O2, N2, Ar, LNG

Applicable temperature: -80℃~+80℃

Connecting format:


Body: CF8

Bonnet: 06Cr19NI10

Stem: 06Cr19NI10

Packing: PTFE

Disc face ring:PCTFE



Introduction Of Cryogenic Globe Valve

The company mainly produces low-temperature and high-pressure globe valves, can provide low-temperature and high-pressure globe valves prices, low-temperature and high-pressure globe valves manuals, low-temperature and high-pressure globe valves physical maps, low-temperature and high-pressure globe valves structural drawings, low-temperature and high-pressure globe valves dimensions, low-temperature and high-pressure globe valves implementation standards, The working principle of low temperature and high pressure stop valve, the characteristics of low temperature and high pressure stop valve.The working principle and application of low temperature and high pressure globe valve products: The opening and closing parts of the low-temperature high-pressure shut-off valve are plug-shaped flaps, the sealing surface is flat or conical, and the flaps move linearly along the center line of the fluid. The movement form of the valve stem includes a lifting rod type (the valve rod is raised and lowered, the hand wheel is not raised and lowered), and a lifting and rotating rod type (the hand wheel and the valve rod rotate and lift together, and the nut is provided on the valve body). The shut-off valve is only suitable for fully open and fully closed, and it is not allowed to adjust and throttle. Low temperature and high pressure shut-off valves are used in gas liquefaction equipment, air separation equipment; natural gas liquefaction, storage and transportation equipment; liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, carbon dioxide cryogenic storage tanks and tank trucks; pressure swing adsorption oxygen production, nitrogen equipment. Widely used in industries such as energy, petrochemical, metallurgy, aerospace, nuclear industry, railway and other industries.


Drawings Of Cryogenic Globe Valve


Stainless Steel PN4.0MPa Socket Weld Globe Valve For O2 N2 1


Stainless Steel PN4.0MPa Socket Weld Globe Valve For O2 N2 2



Q. Are there any special requirements for OEM purchases?
A. Yes. Liangchuan requires proof of trademark registration in order to print or emboss your trademark onto the product or packaging.

Q. Do Liangchuan products come with a warranty ?
A. Yes. That's why we offer 3-year product life guarantee, and a generous1 year warranty on all purchases that begins with the bill of loading.

Q. How can I get some samples?

A. Usually we don’t offer free sample and express fee are required, the sample cost can be deducted from your first large order.

Q. What's the MOQ of your products?

A. Our MOQ is one (1) piece/set.

Q. Are you a manufacturer with your own factory?

A. Yes, we are the manufacturer for more than 8 years

Little Tips For Cryogenic Socket Weld Globe Valve


1. The storage of the valve should be noted, and it should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and obstruct the two ends of the passage.

2. The valve should be inspected regularly, and the dirt on it should be removed, and anti-rust oil should be applied to its surface.

3. The valve after installation should be constructed on schedule to ensure its normal handling.

4. Check whether the sealing surface of the valve is worn or not, and carry out maintenance or replacement according to the condition.

5. Check the wear condition of the trapezoidal thread of the valve stem and the valve stem nut, whether the packing is obsolete, etc., and carry out the necessary replacement.

6. Check the sealing instinct of the valve to ensure its instinct.

7. The valve in operation should be in perfect condition, the bolts on the flange and the bracket are complete, the threads are not damaged, and the situation is not loose.

8. If the handwheel is lost, it should be equipped immediately instead of replacing it with an adjustable wrench.

9. The packing gland does not allow tilting and probably no pre-tightening interval.

10. If the valve is used in a relatively despicable condition and is easily contaminated by rain, snow, dust, sand and other dirt, it should be a protective cover for the valve stem.

11. The ruler on the valve should be complete, accurate and clear, and the valve should be sealed and capped.

12. The insulation jacket should be free of dents and cracks.

13. Valves in operation, avoid knocking on them, or support sunken objects.

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