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DN65 SS304/316 Cryogenic Socket Weld Globe Valve

DN65 SS304/316 Cryogenic Socket Weld Globe Valve

DN65 Socket Weld Globe Valve

SS304 Socket Weld Globe Valve

DN65 socket weld valve

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Product Details
Stainless Steel High Pressure Globe Valve For Liquid Nitrogen Liquid Ammonia
Key Word1:
Globe Valve For Liquid Nitrogen
Key Word2:
Globe Valve For Liquid Ammonia
Temperature Range:
Nominal Pressure:
Customize Pressure
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Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Inner package:plastic bag sealed package Outer package:carton package or wooden case package The lettering, nameplate, certificate for cryogenic valves are available We can customize the package for globe valve;
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
100pcs one day
Product Description

DN65 SS304/316 Cryogenic Socket Weld Globe Valve


Data Of Cryogenic Globe Valve


Name Stainless Steel High Pressure Globe Valve For Liquid Nitrogen liquid ammonia
Key word1 Globe Valve For Liquid Nitrogen liquid ammonia
Key word2 Stainless Steel High Pressure Globe Valve
Withstand temperature -196 °C- +80°C
Disc seal PCTFE
Cover SS304/316
Connection way welding



DN65 SS304/316 Cryogenic Socket Weld Globe Valve 0DN65 SS304/316 Cryogenic Socket Weld Globe Valve 1



Q. Are there any special requirements for OEM purchases?
A. Yes. Liangchuan requires proof of trademark registration in order to print or emboss your trademark onto the product or packaging.

Q. Do Liangchuan products come with a warranty ?
A. Yes. That's why we offer 3-year product life guarantee, and a generous1 year warranty on all purchases that begins with the bill of loading.

Q. How can I get some samples?

A. Usually we don’t offer free sample and express fee are required, the sample cost can be deducted from your first large order.

Q. What's the MOQ of your products?

A. Our MOQ is one (1) piece/set.

Q. Are you a manufacturer with your own factory?

A. Yes, we are the manufacturer for more than 8 years

Advantage Of our company

1. Excellent technology:

the technology is in the leading level in China, cooperate with the most famous

universities in China;


2. Advanced equipment:

advanced processing equipment and testing means, providing the integration of automation system solutions for product, engineering, service and training.


3. Strong team:

have many senior engineers with plenty of research, development, design

experience, providing professional service for sales and after sales.


4. Good quality:

reliable and stable quality, good performance, long life time.


5. Full series of products:

covers full category of valves, meet the general standard of every country in the world, such as GB, DIN, ASTM, BS, JIS.


6. Professional after sales service:

have the professional engineer team to provide the service.


7. Certificates:

passed the ISO9001 certificate as well as CE,ISOetc.


8. Fast delivery time:

have the stock, fast delivery time could be guarantee.


9. Packing:

packing strictly as per the exporting standard or as per the customized request.


10. Long-term quality warranty time:

provide 12 months quality warranty time.


After-sales Service

For your company to order valve products in our company, our factory makes the following commitments in terms of after-sales service:


1. Our company implements warranty on product quality;


2. After the contract is signed, guarantee the quality and quantity, and deliver on time;


3. The company ensures that the valve products provided meet the contract targets


4. For technical consultation of the demand side, give answers at any time;


5. When delivering the equipment, the factory delivers the following materials to the purchaser: delivery list, product certificate, product sample, product instruction manual, technical information;

After receiving a letter or a phone call from the user regarding quality issues, we guarantee a response within 24 hours to resolve the issue as quickly as possible


Commom Valve Assembly Methods

Common valve assembly methods

The whole machine is the most basic unit of valve parts, and parts of the valve composed of several parts (such as valve cover, valve clack parts, etc.). The assembly progress is called general assembly. Assembly work has a great influence on product quality, even the design is accurate and the parts are qualified. If the assembly is improper, the valve will not meet the specified requirements, and even seal leakage will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the use of fair assembly methods to ensure the quality of the final product of the valve. In the production, the assembly process defined in the form of a document is introduced into the assembly process specification.

There are three commonly used assembly methods for valves, namely, complete replacement method, repair method and selection method.

1 Complete swap method
When the valve is assembled using the complete interchange method, each part of the valve can be assembled without any trimming and selection, and the assembled product can meet the specified technical requirements. At this time, the valve parts must be processed completely in accordance with the design requirements to satisfy the requirements of dimensional accuracy and geometric tolerances. The advantages of the complete interchange method are: assembly work is simple and economical, workers do not need a high degree of skill, the production efficiency of the assembly process is high, and it is easy to organize assembly lines and organize specialized production. However, in absolute terms, when adopting a complete replacement assembly, the machining accuracy of the parts is higher. It is suitable for valves with absolutely simple structures such as globe valves, check valves, ball valves, and valves with medium and small diameters.

2 Selection method
The valve is assembled by matching method, and the whole machine can be processed according to economic precision. When assembling, a certain size with adjustment and compensation function is selected to achieve the specified assembly accuracy. The principle of the matching method is the same as that of the repair method, except that the method of changing the size of the compensation ring is different. The former is to change the size of the compensation ring by selecting accessories, and the latter is to change the size of the compensation ring by trimming the accessories. For example: the top core and adjustment gasket of the control valve type double-disc wedge gate valve, the adjustment gasket between the two bodies of the split ball valve, etc., is to choose special parts as compensation parts in the dimensional chain related to assembly accuracy. Adjust the thickness of the gasket to achieve the required assembly accuracy. In order to ensure that the fixed compensation parts can be selected in different situations, it is necessary to pre-manufacture a set of gaskets and shaft sleeve compensation parts hydraulic control valve models of different thickness sizes for selection during assembly.

3 Repair method
The valve is assembled by the repairing method, the parts can be processed according to economic precision, and then a certain size with adjustment and compensation function is repaired during assembly to achieve the specified assembly goal. For example, the gate plate and valve body of the wedge gate valve, because the processing cost required to realize the interchange is too high, most manufacturers use the repair method. That is, in the final grinding of the gate sealing surface to control the opening size, the plate should be matched with the opening size of the valve body sealing surface to achieve the ultimate sealing requirement. Although this method adds the plate matching process, it greatly simplifies the dimensional accuracy requirements of the previous processing process. The special personnel of the plate matching process are skillful, and generally speaking, it will not affect the production efficiency. Valve assembly process: The valves are individually assembled on a fixed site. The valve parts and components assembly and general assembly are carried out in the assembly workshop, and all the required parts and components are transported to the assembly site. Usually component assembly and general assembly are distinguished by how many groups of workers are carried out at the same time, which not only shortens the assembly cycle, but also facilitates the application of special assembly tools, and the requirements for the skill level of workers are relatively low.

Some foreign manufacturers or high-tech valves also adopt the mode of assembling the suspension line or assembling the rotary table.

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