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DN25/DN15 Stainless Steel Cryogenic Safety Valve For LNG/LOX/LN2/LAR/LCO2

DN25/DN15 Stainless Steel Cryogenic Safety Valve For LNG/LOX/LN2/LAR/LCO2

DN25 LNG Cryogenic Safety Valve

SS304 LNG Cryogenic Safety Valve

Screw Cryogenic Relief Valve

Place of Origin:

Chengdu -Sichuan-China

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Product Details
Product Name:
Cryogenic Safety Valve
End Connection:
Stainless Steel
Set Pressure:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Wooden packing
Delivery Time
10 work days
Payment Terms
Product Description

Product Description:

DN25/DN15 Stainless Steel Cryogenic Safety Valve for LNG/LOX/LN2/LAR/LCO2 

Cryogenic Safety Valve is a stainless steel valve designed to reliably and securely handle cryogenic fluid in a wide variety of applications. It is available in DN10-100mm sizes, with SS304/316 material and DA22Y as the main body material. Its temperature range is -196°C, and the pressure range is PN1.6-4.0 Mpa. It is certified with ISO 9001, CE, and EAC requirements, and is offered with inlet/oulet screw end connections. It is designed to ensure reliable and secure operation in cryogenic fluid handling applications.


Technical Parameters:

Certificate Product Name Temperature Application Pressure
ISO 9001, CE, EAC Cryogenic Safety Valve Cryogenic LNG/LOX/LN2/LAR/LCO2 PN16-40bar
Body Size Material End Connection Disc seal
SS304/316 DN10-50mm Stainless Steel Screw PTFE


CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve

CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve is an ideal choice for applications with high pressure resistance and cryogenic temperature. It is made with stainless steel material and certified with CE, ISO 9001, and EAC. The size of this valve ranges from DN10 to DN50mm, and the body is SS304/316.

This valve is designed for h cryogenic temperature applications, making it suitable for various industries. It meets the standards of CE, ISO 9001, and EAC, which makes it a reliable choice for users.

CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve is a perfect choice for industries and sectors that need  cryogenic temperature. It has an outstanding performance at all times and its stainless steel body makes it more durable and reliable.



Customized Cryogenic Safety Valve Service

We provide customized cryogenic safety valve services with the brand of CNLN/Arman, model DA22Y.

The place of origin is Chengdu, Sichuan, China, and the certificates are ISO 9001, CE, and EAC.

The pressure of the cryogenic safety valve is PN10-4.0Mpa, and the end connection is Screw.

The product name is Cryogenic Safety Valve, and the application is for LNG/LOX/LN2/LAR/LCO2.

If you need customized cryogenic safety valve services, please contact us!


Support and Services:

Our technical support and service for Cryogenic Safety Valve products includes:

  • 24/7 online customer service
  • Free installation and maintenance service
  • Detailed product specifications and operator's manual
  • Professional technical support
  • On-site training and product introduction
  • Customized product solutions and suggestions
  • DN25/DN15 Stainless Steel Cryogenic Safety Valve For LNG/LOX/LN2/LAR/LCO2 0

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Cryogenic Safety Valve

Cryogenic Safety Valves are packaged to ensure that they arrive undamaged and are easy to install. The package includes the following items:

  • Cryogenic Safety Valve
  • Installation instructions
  • Spare gaskets and O-rings
  • Packaging material

Cryogenic Safety Valves are shipped using standard shipping methods such as air freight, ocean freight, or ground freight. The valves are shipped in a sturdy box or container to protect them from damage during transport.DN25/DN15 Stainless Steel Cryogenic Safety Valve For LNG/LOX/LN2/LAR/LCO2 1DN25/DN15 Stainless Steel Cryogenic Safety Valve For LNG/LOX/LN2/LAR/LCO2 2



Q&A for CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve
  • Q: What is CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve?
    A: CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve is a safety valve designed for cryogenic applications. It is made in Chengdu -Sichuan-China and has a model number of DA22Y .
  • Q: What are the features of CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve?
    A: CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve features a low-temperature-resistant seat, a corrosion-resistant body, and a stainless steel spring.
  • Q: What is the size of the CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve?
    A: CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve comes in various sizes, ranging from DN10-50mm
  • Q: What is the pressure rating of the CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve?
    A: The pressure rating of CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve is up to 4.0Mpa
  • Q: Does the CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve come with any accessories?
    A: Yes, the CNLN/Arman Cryogenic Safety Valve comes with a mounting flange, a gasket, and nuts and bolts for easy installation.

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