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LOX,LAR,LIN,LNG,LCO2 Cryogenic Shut Off Valve with EAC ISO CE certificated

LOX,LAR,LIN,LNG,LCO2 Cryogenic Shut Off Valve with EAC ISO CE certificated

LCO2 Cryogenic Shut Valve

LNG Cryogenic Shut Valve

LIN Cryogenic Shut Valve

Place of Origin:

Chengdu -Sichuan-China

Brand Name:




Model Number:


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Product Details
Product Name:
LOX,LNG,LIN,LAR Cryogenic Valve
Stainless Steel 304/316 Cryogenic Valve
Valve Size:
Maximum Pressure:
Valve Type:
Cryogenic Safety Valve
Temperature Range:
-196to +80°C
Connection Type:
Socket Welding
Valve Body:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
10 work days
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C
Supply Ability
1000 pcs/month
Product Description

LOX,LAR,LIN,LNG,LCO2 Cryogenic Shut Off Valve with EAC ISO CE certificated

Product Description:

Cryogenic Long Stem Manual Globe Valve with Blue handwheel

Cryogenic Long Stem Manual Globe valve, and temperature range from -196°C to +80°C It comes in sizes of3/8''-4'' and is made of PTFE, CF8 and CF3 materials. The valve is in long stem design and suitable for cryogenic applications LNG,LOX,LIN,LAR,CO2

Cryogenic Valve is an ideal choice for safety protection and high-pressure applications. With its reliable performance and superior quality, it can ensure safe operation in cryogenic environment.

The Cryogenic Valve is a perfect choice for any cryogenic application. With its high flow capacity, manual operation and reliable performance, it is guaranteed to meet your needs.


  • Product Name: Cryogenic Safety Valve
  • Valve Body: CF8/CF3
  • Valve Type: Cryogenic Full open Safety Valve
  • Pressure Range: 1.6-4.0Mpa
  • Maximum Pressure: 4.0Mpa
  • Special Feature: Cryogenic Long stem glove valve, DJ61F, 

Technical Parameters:


Valve Type Cryogenic Globe Valve
Valve Operation Manual
Valve Size 3/8''-4''
Material Stainless Steel
Stem Long
Valve Body CF8/CF3
Maximum Pressure 5.0Mpa
Temperature Range -196 to +80°C
Seal ring PTFE
Connection Type Threaded
Model DJ61F-50P
Opening Type socket welding
End Connection Screwed End




CNLN offers the DJ61F-50P Cryonic Globe Valve that is designed for high pressure and cryogenic applications. It has a pressure range of 1.6-5.0Mpa and a maximum pressure of 5.0Mpa. The valve body is made of SS304/316 and features a cryogenic long stem design. The size of the valve is 3/8''-4'' and the valve type is a cryogenic long stem valve. It is reliable, durable, and able to withstand extreme temperatures, making it ideal for a variety of cryogenic applications. The CNLN brand offers superior quality products and guarantees customer satisfaction.




Cryogenic Valve Globe Valve

Brand Name: CNLN

Model Number: DJ61F-50P

Place of Origin: Chengdu -Sichuan-China

Pressure Range: 1-5.0Mpa

Valve Size: 3/8''-4''

Seal ring: PTFE

Material: Stainless Steel (CF8, CF3)


Support and Services:


Cryogenic Globe Valve Technical Support and Service

We are committed to providing the highest quality technical support and service for our Cryogenic Valve. Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about installation, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting. We also offer training to ensure that you are familiar with the operation of the valve so you can get the most out of it.

Our knowledgeable support staff can be reached via phone, email, or live chat. We are happy to provide assistance in any way that is convenient for you. We can also provide on-site service in certain regions, if needed.

If you ever encounter any issues with your Cryogenic Valve, we are here to help. Our friendly and responsive team is always available to provide you with the best service possible.


Packing and Shipping:


Packaging and Shipping for Cryogenic Valve

Cryogenic  Valves must be packaged and shipped with great care. Proper packaging and shipping methods are essential to ensure safe and efficient delivery.


Cryogenic Valves should be packaged in a thick, shock-absorbing material. The material should be non-abrasive and non-conductive to prevent any damage to the valve. The valve should also be securely fastened to the packaging to prevent movement during transport.


Cryogenic Valves should be shipped via a reputable carrier with a reliable delivery service. The carrier should provide tracking information and insurance for the delivery. Additionally, the package should be clearly labeled with the appropriate shipping information.


LOX,LAR,LIN,LNG,LCO2 Cryogenic Shut Off Valve with EAC ISO CE certificated 0


LOX,LAR,LIN,LNG,LCO2 Cryogenic Shut Off Valve with EAC ISO CE certificated 1LOX,LAR,LIN,LNG,LCO2 Cryogenic Shut Off Valve with EAC ISO CE certificated 2

LOX,LAR,LIN,LNG,LCO2 Cryogenic Shut Off Valve with EAC ISO CE certificated 3LOX,LAR,LIN,LNG,LCO2 Cryogenic Shut Off Valve with EAC ISO CE certificated 4



Q: What is the Brand Name of Cryogenic Globe Valve?
A: The Brand Name of Cryogenic Globe Valve is CNLN.
Q: What is the Model Number of Cryogenic Globe Valve?
A: The Model Number of Cryogenic Long stem globe valve is DJ61F-50P
Q: Where is the Place of Origin of Cryogenic Safety Valve?
A: The Place of Origin of Cryogenic Safety Valve is Chengdu, Sichuan, China.
Q: What is the main function of Cryogenic long stem golobe  Valve?
A: The main function of Cryogenic Long Stem globe Valve is on and off the low-temperature liquid outlet and liquid inlet
Q: What is the temperature range of Cryogenic Globe Valve?
A: The temperature range of Cryogenic Safety Valve is from -196°C to +80°C.

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